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Welcome My Friend

Welcome to the Power Birthing community! We are SO glad to have you here and congratulations on being pregnant lovely woman!

This members site was created to you have access to the whole course in one area.

In here you will find the modules with small bite sized lessons. There are a ton of exercises you can practice either alone or with your birth partner. There are some audio files that will help you and prepare you for the WHOLE birth. You will learn how to make a birth plan that will prepare you for changes should they happen during labour. I have made a meditation that will help you connect with baby before giving birth and so much more.....

When you're ready, click the LOG IN button on your right to get started on the course!

If you're not a member yet but stumbled across this website, you're in luck! As prices and interest rates go up, we have a sale:

Before A$499

NOW A$299

You can register HERE or learn a bit more about Power Birthing HERE.

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